Patterns emerge in any relationship, especially well-established and intimate ones. These patterns are a reflection of ourselves and the other person in the relationship. The one I have decided to focus on is the relationship I have with my mom. A person I have known my whole life, this relationship is familiar and recognizable. Our interactions can be parsed into step by step instructions. Habits and responses are predictable. By using the syntax structure of software, I re-create the predictability of our relationships using if–else statements, the recursive moodiness and the random illogical behaviours demonstrated by both, my mom and me. The final rendered product of this code is a video and text collage. Despite having a final aesthetic finish, the process of creating this work surpasses the final product. The code which goes into producing this final product is more telling than the end product. The software becomes a dialogue between myself and my mom. Likewise the code also becomes applicable to anyone’s relationship patterns. The pattern for nagging is repeatedly asking the same question despite being given the same answer. This can be universally understood. I continue to write code, which represents the patterns found in human relationship and interaction, not related to my relationship with my mom. I am interested in documenting relationships which are not mine.